Welcome to bcITTM

A provider of world-class corporate messaging, consulting and software solutions.

In response to the ever changing technology landscape and the business context described below, two experienced IT consultants put their resources together in 2001 to form a consultancy company that will assist its clients leverage emergent and current IT technologies for business advantage. The name, bcIT, stands for business centric Information Technology solutions and that is exactly what the company provides to its current and potential clients.

The bcIT core philosophy centres on the concept of strategic fit - technology must be aligned to the business to add value. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with holistic, integrated, and business centric information technology solutions that address identified business problems. The cornerstone of our business policies is reflective of this philosophy. We constantly strive to attract the best skills and employ the best information technology practices while not neglecting the broader socio-economic policies of representation and empowerment.


Business Context

The beating heart of a successful entrepreneur's skill is awareness of their business context.

Constant and rapid information technology innovations and an increasingly competitive business environment driven by the powerful force of globalisation and the growth of mobile technologies is driving businesses to seek new strategies to maintain their market leadership, create and expand sustainable client bases and to venture into international markets.

These forces have created a new competitive paradigm, which requires companies to automate their internal processes and to operate through flexible structures to keep up with these rapid changes. This competitive paradigm has been created as a consequence of the explosion of the Internet as a vehicle for information dissemination and a robust platform for business information systems, the penetration of electronic commerce as a new and de facto way of conducting business and the growing importance of information as a crucial corporate asset. bcIT's mission is to assist clients to use these new technologies to deliver tangible business value.