bcIT Partners & Clients

Our partnering approach is win-win and synergistic. We engage with companies whose business focus areas are complementary to ours and whose philosophies are in line with a broader socio-economic developmentframework in South Africa.

Our partnering model is symbiotic. The objective is to assist our partners to derive tangible business value from the projects that are outsourced or performed jointly with us. We are constantly looking to expand our partner base. The following companies are current business partners of bcIT:

  • Ciber Information International

  • Beget Holdings

  • Striata

  • P2 Project Management Solutions
  • Unisys

  • Questek Marketing

  • Tarsus Technologies

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Axiz

  • ThoughtCorp

  • Mustek

  • Foshizi
  • Business Edge Systems

  • Strive Software International