Technical Information

Welcome to the Technical Information page. This page will list specifications and manuals needed for any of our products:


SMS Web Service
This services was built from ground up using the Microsoft .NET Web Service Technologies, on this set of services we have built all our other software (customised or standard):

Services: [WSDL]
Send and Receive short messages in real-time, also check available credits, schedule future transmissions of messages, manage your contacts and groupings. [WSDL]
Supports the SMS Service by allowing you access to security related methods, only works with BCIT Accounts.


SMS Sentry
A desktop program which will help you send and receive short messages to your database of South African mobile users.

Download [FTP]
Supporting Files [FTP]
Installation Manual [HTTP
Notes: Please download and install the supporting files before beginning installation. You can create your new account here.